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Ark-La-Tex Weekend Sandwich Showdown 2021

In late July, we asked our Facebook followers which sandwich restaurants were their favorite. We received a huge response! So we took the top eight and now you can vote to see which one will win the Ark-La-Tex Weekend Sandwich Showdown. For fun of course. Here are the eight competitors. Click on the name to be taken to their website or Facebook page.

The Rabbit Patch – 122 E. Hiram Street in Atlanta, Tex.

The Wooden Spoon – 4350 Viking Drive, Suite 2 in Bossier City

Jacquelyn’s Café – 1324 Lousiana Avenue in Shreveport

Fat Tuesday’s Sandwich Shop and Bakery – 1201 Shady Grove Drive in Bossier City

Fairfield Market and Café – 6955 Fern Loop in Shreveport

Cascio’s Market Bistro – 2750 Shed Road, Suite G in Bossier City

Maxwell’s Market – 4861 Line Avenue in Shreveport

Bayou Deli & Casserole Shop – 637 E. Kings Highway in Shreveport

Hopefully you can find a new place to try and a new sandwich to love! If you’re a fan of these sandwich shops, let them know and get them to vote and spread the word. The Ark-La-Tex Weekend Sandwich Showdown continues every week in August 2021 until we have a winner. Good luck to the sandwich makers out there!

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