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The World’s Finest Western Leather Boots?

Molly McKinney goes inside the shop where Mercedes Boot Company creates some of the world’s finest western leather boots

.On the way to Dallas, make a short drive off I-20 to the Mercedes Boot Company creates the world’s finest western leather boots…and try not to get too sticker shocked at the price!

Mercedes Boot Company makes some of the finest Western leather boots in the country and world. Located in Ben Wheeler, Texas, they specialize in making custom boots. In other words, a last (a form to shape the shoe on) is made from the exact measurements of your foot so that they fit perfectly and are comfortable. These guys know what they’re doing. The business started making legendary custom fitted boots in 1975.

According to the company’s president, Derby Farr, the design and time factors are what make these boots better than any other maker. “We spend a lot of time with the customer, finding out exactly what they want,” she says. The boots can have anything on them: from the toe to the heel, to how tall they are, to the colors, designs and letters, you can really personalize these boots to show whoever you are.

The process of creating your personal boots usually takes around two weeks, but it depends on how specific a request. If there’s a lot more detail to be added to the pair, sometimes it may take a lot longer.

Because of all the work going into the custom boots, they aren’t exactly cheap. Their handmade cowboy boots are made to measure. Pick your choice of leather, style, design and embellish with brands, initials, logos or any custom design. The tradeoff is that the boots start at a price of $1295 and go up from there. Would you pony up for a pair of these boots?

Take your new western leather boots out on one of many trails at the finest Texas State Parks.

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