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6 tools every grill master should have

From the basics to the extravagant, you need these tools.

Are you ready to impress your guests? Our friends over at Kitchen and Company in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina are here to share the six tools every grill master should have. Whether you’re a first-time grill buyer or a seasoned veteran, these tools will turn you into a grill master.

The first item is a wire brush. This is a must-have for any griller. It keeps the grill in pristine condition and can help you keep a grill for a long time. You can clean the top of the grill and also clean in between the grates.

The next most important item is a good pair of tongs. Every griller needs a pair! You can use them for flipping and basically everything you can use a fork for, but with a fork, you have to poke some of the juices out, which can sometimes screw up your flavor. With tongs, you no longer have to worry about that problem.

The third item on the list is a silicone basting brush. These are great for seasoning and marinating your food. Getting a silicone brush is great because it doesn’t track any bacteria and can sweep very nicely over your meat.

Now, for flavor. You’re going to want to have a salt plate. Made out of Himalayan salt, you can put them on the grill and cook on them. While Himalayan salt isn’t nearly as “salty” as traditional seasoning, it provides for a unique and delicious flavor.

No grilling can be done without a spatula! It doesn’t really matter who makes it, but be sure to have one.

Lastly, our friends at Kitchen and Company suggest getting a beer can chicken roaster. Take a can of beer, open it up, set the chicken on top, and you’ll receive a flavorful chicken.

With these grill master tools, you should be good to go. Happy grilling!

Now on to the next big decision, gas or charcoal?