5 Tips for Park Exercises

Why not get a little workout in next time you walk the park.

A park is a great place to unwind, enjoy nature and relax. But also take the opportunity to get in a few exercises at the park. Camp Gladiator trainer Amy Maranto met us at the Common Park to show us a few exercises and shares some valuable tips to get you started. You can even do these in your home! Substitute your couch for the bench.

Hip Bridge

Tips Park Exercises Bridge

Lay down on a workout mat or a blanket on a soft patch of grass. Keep your feet flat and your shoulders on the ground. Lift your hips straight up and back down. Add some weight (around five pounds or so) for a little resistance. This exercise is great for people with knee problems since there is very little stress on them.


Tips Park Exercises Bicycle

Lay flat on your back. Hands to the side of your head and bring your left elbow and right knee up to touch each other. Alternate between arms. Make sure your triceps touch the floor. Maintain a good, consistent form.

Don’t forget to breathe during these exercises!

Bench Push Up

Push Up

Put your hands on the bench out on either side of you. Put your feet back and about shoulder width apart. Lower your chest to the bench. Keep your head looking forward so your neck aligns with your back. You can do half push ups for those new to the exercise.


Tips Park Exercises Step up

Place one foot firmly on the bench. Step up so both feet are on the bench. Step back down and repeat with the other foot. Once you get comfortable with that, add arm motion to help you step up and down, thereby getting a better workout. Go further by bringing your knee up as you step up.


Tips Park Exercises Dips

Sit on the edge of the bench with your hands on the bench next to you. Push yourself off and bend your elbows to lower yourself. Try to keep your elbows pointed to the back of the bench. These really help your triceps. For more of a challenge, push your feet out some more.

Amy suggests going nice and slow with these exercises. Getting the form right is more important than speed. “Safety first!” she says. For each exercise, try to do 10-12 reps and be intentional with your breathing.

If you’re interested in learning more tips for exercises you can do at the park or at home, check out Camp Gladiator. They have a bunch of virtual workouts and on site workouts across the area.

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