5 easy ways to go green (and save some money!)

Go green (keep some, too!)

Mother earth is kind to us, so let’s be kind to her! Watch the video for 5 easy ways to go green. It’s not hard and according to Mary Allen at 6th and Zero, formally 6th Street Soapery in Evansville, Ind., it doesn’t have to completely change your lifestyle. This list of tips is a good start to living better for our earth.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We’ve all heard this saying, but do we really understand and follow it? First and foremost, we should always strive to reduce the amount of waste we produce. That means saying goodbye to single-use plastics like plastic water bottles or any other food packaging according to Allen.

You can also reduce the amount of plastic packaging that you use by refilling bottles/jugs.


Reuse everything! Buy a reusable water bottle to use daily. Turn that old shirt into cleaning rags. Re-paint that old dresser into something you’ll love again.

Thinking about buying a new outfit? Check out the selection at local re-stores like Plato’s Closet, and Uptown Cheapskate.

Recycling is important, but it’s best to reduce as much as possible says Allen.

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