In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

318 Rocks

Join a fun group that helps spread art in our community or go hunt for pretty pieces of art.

While you are out and about, keep an eye out for “318 Rocks.” You can find these painted rocks in plain sight all over. Think Easter Egg hunt but year round. Everyone is encouraged to take a rock and leave a rock. Local groups are coming together to let children and adults express their artistic sides.

318 Rocks started in Shreveport about 2 years ago when a group of moms came together and discovered The Kindness Rocks Project. The premise is simple. You paint rocks. It can be of an animal or inspirational and positive message. Then leave them in plain sight for others to find. Leave them around town or anywhere you go. 318 Rocks have been found as far away as Illinois and Florida. Some of them end up as souvenirs in Europe. You can get together with friends in Shreveport, Minden, and Monroe. There are many local groups all over Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and the country. Look for your area code plus the word rocks in a search engine or Facebook.

You are welcome to join 318 Rocks group to paint your own masterpieces. You can use any rock. Sometimes the particular shape of a rock can lead to some amazing artwork. Markers, pencils, gel pens, acrylic paints, and a clear, glossy spray coat work best. Make sure you take a picture of your painting and post it to social media. Take your creations and spread them around your neighborhood.

318 Rocks is fun for kids and families. Everyone can be creative and have fun with art together. The project can be portable. Use pencils and gel pens on rocks during long car rides or if you’re waiting at an appointment. Keep in mind that this is promoting positivity throughout your area. Be respectful. National parks and private property are off limits to hide the rocks.