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3 tips to making an awesome taco

Don't overthink it.

Tacos never go out of season and we’re never one to refuse some taco tips. So whether it’s date night, party time, or you just feel like a snack, these tips can help you up your taco game.

1. Focus on acidity

It’s a key thing to remember. That acidity will help balance out the fattiness of the meat. Or whatever else kind of protein you top your taco with. It helps to cut through and leaves you with a nice balance of flavors. You could do that with lime, in the salsa or on its own, or some kind of sauce. But get some acid in there.

2. Focus on texture

Texture is one of those things that people sometimes forget in tacos. So then you’re left with a big pile of mush wrapped in a tortilla. So how do you get around that? Think of things with texture, like something fried or a nut or seed. Whatever compliments your other toppings will help.

3. Use local, fresh ingredients

We shouldn’t even have to say it. But we’re going to. As with anything you cook, try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible. The fresher the better. Cause if you start with good ingredients, you can’t really go wrong.

If you need some ideas of new kinds of tacos to try, we’ve got you there too. And check out Gov’t Taco in Baton Rouge to learn more tips.

Cheap and easy taco ideas

Master these tips well and you might think about entering Taco Fest over in Marshall.