My Favorite Book: Chris Demirdjian

SHREVEPORT, La. (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - I was a big fan of sports, as he could tell. My favorite book is actually Pete Rose’s My Prison Without Bars. I’ve read it in many years. When I did read it when I was a kid, it basically I was very interested out of every word he said about, you know, his cheating scandal and everything else with baseball.

It is interesting. And it’s it always captivated me. It was an interesting detail, his life about baseball, what it was like playing baseball back in the seventies for the the Reds when they won those championships. But my non-sports favorite book was actually Harry Potter. I was big in Harry Potter. I used to read every single book.

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Robert Streeter

Robert Streeter

Lead content producer for the Ark-La-Tex Weekend as well as Creative Services Producer.