My Favorite Book: Jeff Castle

SHREVEPORT, La. (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - I’m a big comic book person. I’ve not read a book book in years. But some of my all time favorites you can get in graphic novel form now, The Sandman and The Watchmen, all great classics from a while ago, back in the eighties. But I’ve been collecting comic books since I was six years old. Comic books are just a nice escape from reality.

Growing up, comic books were not cool among the kids, but it’s something that I really enjoyed, but something that’s really warmed my heart is how popular comic book characters have become in movies now. And so finally, something that I really enjoyed as a child and still enjoy to this day is is actually very popular among a large group of people now.

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Robert Streeter

Robert Streeter

Lead content producer for the Ark-La-Tex Weekend as well as Creative Services Producer.