A classic Six Flags Over Texas ride returns; Re-imagined and exclusive to Texas

Re-imagined and brought back after closing 31 years ago, the Speelunkers have returned to Six Flags Over Texas!

The Cave, originally open from 1964 to 1991, featured the original characters, the Speelunkers, who mined their magical gems within their home. Pirates of Speelunker Cave brings these cave dwellers back to the public eye, replacing Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure! Now they are in the middle of a pirate treasure hunt, with 17 new scenes showing the adventure and battle as the Speelunkers deal with the pirates coming into their home.

“I got to take my grandson on the ride, yesterday, for the first time,” said Sam Rhodes, Vice-President of Design for Six Flags. “It was super exciting to take him on a ride that I got to be involved with and that I actually rode when I was a child.”

Pirates of Speelunker Cave used physical sets, animatronics, and high-tech digital sets to tell a unique storyline that was created just for Six Flags Over Texas.

The ride opened on Saturday, May 14th, and is now available for riders of all ages to come and enjoy together!

Pirates of Speelunker Cave includes the following features:

  • State-of-the-art cinematic projection with immersive sets;
  • Elaborately-themed entry portal and queue design to set an adventurous tone as soon as guests approach the ride, including a custom soundtrack, nautical artifacts and “wanted” posters of pirates riders will encounter inside the attraction;
  • A total of 64 Speelunker characters throughout the ride – a historical nod to The Cave’s original opening in 1964;
  • 26 six-passenger boats that will take riders on a six-minute ride; and
  • No height requirement (with an accompanying adult), allowing entire families to experience the ride together.

Click here to check out the full ride description

Plan your trip to Six Flags Over Texas today, and enjoy the new ride!

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