International Christmas Cuisine Ideas

Here’s what other countries enjoy on their holiday table

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There are many different International Christmas foods that other cultures make. We have a list of different Christmas entrees, appetizers, and desserts that other countries from different cultures make during the holiday season.


White Christmas Dessert - Australia

The White Christmas Dessert is a mixture of raisins, glace cherries, dry coconut, icing sugar, milk powder and Rice Bubbles with hydrogenated coconut oil as the binding ingredient. This is a popular dessert made in Australia especially during the Christmas holiday. It is a great family recipe food to make because it is easy for the kids to form together.

American relatable food: Rice Krispy Treats


Carrot Casserole - Finland

Also known as Porkkanalaatiko (yeah I don’t even know the pronunciation), traditional Finnish carrot casserole is made from carrots, baked rice, brown sugar, eggs and milk. It is one of the main course dishes that is popular in Finland during the Christmas time. They make the casserole during the fall and winter months mainly because it is a good hot dish to serve in the cold months.

American relatable food: Any vegetable casserole

Winter Melon - France 

There are no tricks about this food. Winter melons are just that, melons that are sold and grown in the winter seasons. They are largest melons in the region measuring 15 inches in diameter and can weight up to 30 pounds mature. It is known by several names around the world  but in France it is called melon d’hiver.  It is an ancient food stable in China but was cultivated in ancient Egypt then made it to Europe during the renaissance.

American relatable food: Watermelons

Polvo cozido - Portugal

Polovo cozido in English terms is known as octopus. The Portuguese dish can be made in soups, salads, or served seasoned with potatoes or vegetables. The octopus can also be boiled and roasted in the oven. It is one of the most popular dishes in Portugal especially dinner during Christmas time.

American relatable food: Octopus

Knäck - Sweden

Knäck is a traditional Swedish toffee is prepared as a sweet treat during the Christmas season. The name translates to “break” and refers to the hard consistency of the candy treat. It can be hard or soft and chewy depending on how you prepare it. The ingredients Knäck are heavy cream (not whipped) sugar, golden syrup, and a small amount of butter. It is also served in cupcake paper so the ingredients can stay in tacked as well as in looks nice to serve them for a gathering.

American relatable food: Pralines

Piftie - Romania

A traditional Romanian meat aspic dish, Piftie, is made with meat parts, pork or chicken, boiled along chopped vegetables, garlic, and bay leaves. The meats, vegetables, and seasonings are placed in a mold or deep bowl then topped with meat broth. The dish is then put into the refrigerator to be congeal, developing a gelatin consistency. In Romania, it is served during the winter season or holidays.

American relatable food: Savory jello

Mince Pies - United Kingdom

During the Christmas time, mince pies in the UK are the traditional British Christmas dessert. Ever since the 16th, the pies have been around made with meat and mixtures of dried fruits, sugar, spices, and brandy. These combinations all together are called “mincemeat.” They are also baked in a oblong shape to resembles a manager and often topped with a depiction of the Christ Child.

American relatable food: Any small sweet pie


Guava - Mexico

A guava is a small roundish fruit that grow in groups on trees with a pale yellow skin often with red blush inside. They are a classical Mexican tropical fruit with aromas of pineapple and passion fruit. They grow in Mexico and the Central America where the climate is tropical and subtropical.

American relatable food: Pear


Bibingka - Philippines

A typical breakfast dish, Bibingka (Be-Be-Ink-a) is a baked rice cake that is cooked during the Christmas time. It is made from galapong (pasty rice), coconut milk, margarine, and sugar. The rice dish is culturally made with the mixture poured into a clay pot with a pre-cut banana leaf.

American relatable food: Cornbread or rice cake

Gujiya - India

Gujiya (Ghew-gee-a) is a popular north Indian sweet crisp flaky pastry that are filled with sweet Khoya (solid milk) and dry fruits. They are made with flour and baked to get the crispiness of the baked good.

American relatable food: Empanada or Fried Dumpling

If these food choices interested you and wanted to try and make some of these dishes. Check out our Christmas page where some Boozy Butterscotch Hot Chocolate can be an addition to your holiday drinks.

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