Tis the Season… for a Christmas Haunted House by Necromanor

If you truly want something different to do this Christmas, might we suggest traveling to the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets and exploring the Necromanor Christmas Haunted House. Instead of the happy and joyful experiences at a regular Christmas event, the Shadows of Christmas promises to be just about the opposite.

The stuffed animals were hung in the haunted house with care…

Necromanor Social Media Manager Alex Richardson says it was a challenge starting out to take the festive season and try to spin it in a horror directions, “Thanks to all types of folklore and tradition, it’s not that hard once you dig deep into it.” The most notable character remains Krampus. Also known as the Shadow of Christmas, he would punish the bad kids by placing them in a sack and beating them. Don’t worry, that won’t happen at Necromanor. Nor will they be playing Mariah Carey on continuous loop. But you will have a few people dressed up wandering the halls. Don’t deck them!

Two events for a holiday fright…


The terror begins on Sunday, December 5, 2021 from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Bring the family out for Pictures with Krampus. This might be the opportunity for young and old to stay off his naughty list. The pictures will be free and posted to the Necromanor Facebook page afterwards. These pictures make interesting Christmas cards.

Then, for four nights only, you can wander the maze and halls of Santa’s demented Workshop and visit Krampus on his throne. Parental discretion is advised for the Necromanor Christmas Haunted House. They advised no one younger than 13 to come to Shadows of Christmas. Visit the haunted house between 6:00pm and midnight on December 10, 11, 17, & 18, 2021. Tickets are $10.

Necromanor and the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets reached an agreement to open seasonal haunted houses throughout the year. We’re excited (a little terrorized) to see what they come up with for Valentine’s Day and the Spring.

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