Free Fishing Days in June

Grab lure and a rod

Free Fishing Days in June

Across the country, many states offer days where you can fish for free. No permits required for any public waterway. Just grab a fishing pole and try your luck. Many free fishing days fall around National Fishing and Boating Week. For 2022, our states offer free fishing during the first half of June. During these days, residents and non-residents can participate. Check before you go out on the water. Fishing in federal waters still requires a license for the Red Snapper season. Daily limits, slot limits and length limits may be in effect.


Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 4

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has information on where you can fish around the area plus a lot of great tips and events.


Free Fishing Days run from June 4-5

Check out the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation website to find great places to fish in Southwest Oklahoma.


Free Fishing Days run from June 10-12

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission will also have a number of fishing derbies going on during Saturday, June 12 for young anglers and their parents. There’s even fishing derbies and learning seminars in Hot Springs.


Free Fishing Days run from June 11-12

Since Louisiana is Sportsman’s Paradise, finding fish shouldn’t be a problem. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says it has some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the area. Maybe try a little salt water fishing off the coast. This year the state has streamlined the fishing and hunting licenses.

Good luck out there and be safe!

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