Ten bizarre Oreo flavors you’ve never tasted (or wish you hadn’t)

Mmmmm. Mooncake and Wasabi

Ten bizarre Oreo flavors you’ve never tasted (or wish you hadn’t)

They’re the best-selling cookie in the United States and made for almost 110 years. They’re Oreos – those iconic creme-filled (or “stuf”-filled, as it’s known) chocolate sandwich cookie. They are great fried or crumbled up in ice cream.

But like any classic brand that’s been around for years, there have been variations, gimmicks and limited-time offerings. Some were a hit (“Double Stuf” cookies, which are just what they sound like) and some came and went (“The Most Stuf” cookies, also just what it sounds like).

Here are ten bizarre Oreo flavors that have come and gone or never released in the United States…sometimes for a very good reason.

Wasabi Oreo - Starting off with some big guns, here’s Wasabi Oreos. Wasabi is Japanese horseradish – hot, spicy and overwhelmingly strong in taste. And you probably have never thought about dunking your cookies in it. That hasn’t stopped Nabisco from releasing this flavor, but exclusively in China, because they know they can only sell so many of these to teens looking to make Tik Tok “Wasabi Oreo Challenge” videos in America.

Watermelon Oreo - Oh boy, did these not sell well. Released in 2013, the watermelon Oreo is a golden cookie with a swirl of bright green and pink within. Thinking about eating more than one of these makes your mouth feel weird, right? What other snack or candy has “watermelon” as a flavor beside Jolly Ranchers?

Peeps Oreo - Peeps are sugar and marshmallow. Oreos are cookies (sugar) and frosting (sugar). So it’s not a huge leap to add a touch of marshmallow flavor to the golden Oreos. The reason it’s making the list is due to the “side effects” reported after these received a limited release in Spring of 2017. Apparently after indulging in one too many Peep Oreos, your poop turned a similar shade of the bright pink found in the frosting. Hey, we just report the hard facts around here.

Firework Oreo - The Firework Oreo was released during the Fourth of July, and had the twist of Pop Rocks-style candy being mixed with the frosting. If you were looking to limit your snacking, these actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. How many handfuls of soggily-exploding cookies do you think you could handle at a time?

Most Stuf Oreo - “Back by popular demand” the copy on the package crows! While I don’t know what volume of mail the staff of Nabisco received demanding they bring back Most Stuf Oreos, I can assume that people who want four times the amount of “stuf” in their cookies must be a hearty crew. The image on the package alone makes the Oreo look like it’s one of those eating challenges, where if you eat all of a five-pound burger in one sitting, you get a t-shirt. If you dared someone to eat a whole package of these in one sitting, they’d send you to jail for attempted murder.

Waffles & Syrup - Waffles & Syrup Oreos, where the cookies taste like butter, and the frosting (which looks like a fried egg) is a mixture of classic “stuf” and maple flavoring. So not the craziest flavors in the world, but have you noticed that when Oreo gets experimental, they go for the “golden” Oreos, and not the classic chocolate? Don’t be cowards, Oreo! Mix it up with your heavy hitter!

Swedish Fish Oreo - Well, I asked for it, and I got it. Oreo injected their classic chocolate cookie with a shade of red only found on fire trucks for their Swedish Fish Oreos. Swedish Fish’s website claims that the gummi candy is “lingonberry flavored”, and I’ll be the first to admit that as hard a sell as “Swedish Fish flavor” might be to shoppers, “lingonberry flavor” would really sit on the shelves.

Mooncake Oreo - Check out these big chonky boys! Say hello to Mooncake Oreos, available only in Singapore. Mooncakes are iconic Asian delicacies – baked pastry wrapped around a paste filling. While it may be a stretch to call these Oreos in the classic sense – the filling is almond paste, not Oreo stuf – this could be the thing to fulfil your fantasy of cutting into the thickest Oreo on earth.

Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo - What a mysterious and bizarre flavor – Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo. Available only in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, the mystery doesn’t lie in the blueberry, that’s pretty straightforward. The question is, what also makes it “ice cream”? And is blueberry ice cream a popular thing in that region of Asia? A very lazy internet search doesn’t seem like it’s a huge craze or anything. Who knows? Not me! I have no more information on this subject, so let’s all move on!

Chicken Wing Oreo - YIKES. Ending on a big bang. The Chicken Wing Oreo. Not just chicken wing, HOT chicken wing. In the chocolate cookie! This poultry and hot pepper flavored cookie is only sold in China, so unless Hydrox decides to release a one in America, you’ll have to buy a plane ticket to have it in your life.