Full moons for 2022

At least once a month, the full moon shines from the heavens but did you know each full moon has a name? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, these names originated from Native Americans and the Colonials adopted many of the names.

Here’s when each full moon of 2022 happens…

  • January 17 – Full Wolf Moon – Attributed to the howling of wolves that tend to happen most in January.
  • February 16 – Full Snow Moon – Based on the fact that the heaviest snows fall this month.
  • March 18 – Full Worm Moon – Farmers noticed that worms in the ground become active signaling the robins to appear and it was time to start planting.
  • April 16 – Full Pink Moon – Some of the first flowers bloom during April.
  • May 16 – Full Flower Moon – When many flowers come into season.
  • June 14 – Full Strawberry Moon – Farmers used this moon to start picking strawberries.
  • July 13 – Full Buck Moon – Hunters knew that this moon meant that a deer’s antlers were in full growth.
  • August 11- Full Sturgeon Moon – Fishermen around the Great Lakes began to catch scores of sturgeons around this time every year.
  • September 10 – Full Corn Moon – Time to start harvesting the corn!
  • October 9 – Full Hunter Moon – As Fall is in full swing, it is time to start hunting for food to last through the winter.
  • November 8 – Full Beaver Moon – Trappers and hunters set out to procure furs to keep everyone warm in the winter.
  • December 7 – Full Cold Moon – The nights are long and dark and temperatures drop.

A few other full moon names exist which can be combined with the main names. In 2019, we experienced a trifecta of full moon names.

  • Super Moon – Happens when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. Three) super moons happen in a row during 2022 on June 14, July 13, and August 12.
  • Red Moon – See the red moon whenever there is a lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse is scheduled for May 16 and will take place over the area. Another can be seen on November 8.
  • Harvest Moon – The full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox (September 23, 2022) will take place on September 10.
  • Blue Moon – When there are two full moons occurring in the same month. Sadly, 2022 will have no blue moons.