Redbone Magic Brewing: Bringing fun to Texarkana

Take one part brewery, add another part food pub, mix in a little bit of science and a dose of magic and you get fun at the Redbone Magic Brewing Company (RMBC). Roger Sheppard and his wife Debbie founded the brewery a few years ago in an old auto repair garage along Texas Boulevard in Texarkana. That part of town, once lively with auto dealerships, fell into decline. Now, the community has embraced this fun and exciting brewing company.

You can find a nice selection of beers. The title of Most Popular Beer is the “Ale Yeah,” a light and refreshing kölsch beer. Other popular flavors include “Stella’s Migraine Headache” which is a pilsner and the IPA named “The Phantom Killer.” The brewmasters continue to try out new and fun ideas so there might be something new every time you go. You might even find a few other drinks from other places like the Vanilla Bean Cider. Not only can you drink, but enjoy what Roger calls “a glorified concession stand” with some delicious pub food. Try the Wowza Burger or a Neapolitan-style pizza from the wood fired oven.

Ale Yeah – The most popular beer

Roger and Debbie made RMBC their retirement adventure. The name came about as a way to convince Debbie to go along with the venture. Her father, who liked beer, had the nickname of “Redbone.” One of Roger’s passions is performing magic so he suggested the name become Redbone Magic Brewing Company. Roger holds a science degree from Louisiana Tech University, taught science for a decade and wanted to use his chemistry skills to create a fun laboratory dedicated to ales, lagers, IPAs and more. Visiting brewing companies across the country also helped the Sheppards in getting the framework down.

However his real passion is magic. For decades, he performed all around Texarkana. Look up at the ceiling. You’ll see quite a few playing cards up there. It’s one of his specialties. Roger also has impressive woodworking skills. He pretty much created everything from the tables to the light fixtures in the dining area. One of the main focuses of the brewery is having fun and a good time. You see the Sheppards mingling about and once in a while taking the stage for Karaoke night.

The beer list changes once in a while

Visit RMBC at 1304 Texas Blvd. just a few blocks west of downtown. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on through their Facebook page. Currently, they are opened from Tuesday through Sunday. If you visit, you’ll see that Redbone Magic Brewing Company is a place that is bringing the fun back to Texarkana.

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