5 Tips Before Getting a Tattoo

So you want to get a tattoo?

Owners and tattoo artists Brittney Reno and Paula Chillog at Legacy Ink in Shreveport gave us 5 tips you should consider before getting a tattoo.

First, you should expect your tattoo artist to walk you through the whole process of picking and placing your tattoo. You should fully understand all of the steps that are going to take place in your tattoo journey.

Second, what size tattoo are you going to get? Big or small? Brittney and Paula suggest you get a small tattoo for your first time. This way you get a true feel for the process and it’ll go by fast.

Skull Face

If you go big be prepared for the time commitment and always establish your budget with your tattoo artist before things get started.

Third, pay close attention to your aftercare instructions. Cleanse your tattoo. Let it dry and continuously apply a healing an ointment for the amount of time given by your tattoo artist.

Fourth, Cleanliness! Always look for clean surfaces, floors, tables and disposable tools! If the tattoo establishment is not clean run far far away. Check for disposable tattoo needles and make sure your artist has your undivided attention.

Lastly, make sure your tattoo is creative! A tattoo should always have a fun, interesting, or wacky story behind it. A tattoo is permanent so make sure it means something special.

Well, that’s it for these tips before getting a tattoo! Make sure your well hydrated and happy tattooing! Remember, National Tattoo Day is July 17.

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