Eight healthy facts about catfish

A good catfish fry remains one of the finest traditions in the South. Fried catfish plates are a staple of many fundraisers and the whiskered fish is served on many plates across this country. Not only are catfish tasty but they are healthy for you as well and enjoy these facts.

Smiling catfish

For the purposes of this story, a fillet weighs 143 grams.

Catfish is a low calorie meal. A catfish fillet contains 150 Calories compared to 229 Calories for a steamed Salmon filet.

A protein powerhouse in only one fillet. One catfish fillet comes in at a whopping 26.4 grams.

It’s smart to eat catfish. When you eat a fillet, you receive up to 20% of your daily (600 mg) Omega-3 fatty acids that helps with brain health.

Get your fill of Vitamin B12 when you enjoy a filet. B12 helps with mental health, heart disease and anemia.

If you have a choice between farm raised and wild caught, go for the wild caught catfish. They tend to contain more Omega-3s and fewer calories mostly due to diet and living conditions.

Worried about mercury in your fish? The FDA lists catfish as one of the best choices of seafood out there.

The best cooking method for the fish would be baking, broiling or grilling. Breading and frying catfish can more than double the calories, triple the fat as well as blow out your sodium intake.

Tasty and good for you!

All these healthy facts about catfish making you hungry? Famed Louisiana chef John Folse shows you how to make a Catfish Courtbouillon here.

Also, learn how to clean a fresh caught catfish with this video. Or if you want to see live catfish, head on over to the Shreveport Aquarium and ask about their diet.