Feeding the Fish at the Aquarium

Exploring an aquarium leads to fantastic discoveries about the creatures living in the waters of our world. But have you ever wondered about how they take feed all of the fish and wildlife in the tanks? We checked in with the Animal Husbandry department at the Shreveport Aquarium to find out about what the feeding of the fish, sharks and stingrays looks like at the aquarium.

Curator of Live Exhibits Nathan Carpenter took us behind-the-scenes and explains that it takes a whole team. Four full timers and three part timers work together to meet the needs of the animals. Food prep begins late in the morning. There is a fish kitchen nestled in the depths of the aquarium. According to Nathan, “feeding fish is a very technical process.” Fish feeders need to know the nutritional and fat contents of food so the right meal goes to the right animal. Food is thrown into the tanks a little at a time to observe how much the fish are eating and who is and is not eating.

The industrial refrigerator is full of the different types of food that the fish eat. Surprisingly, many of the species eat frozen seafood: herring, clam, shrimp squid, salmon and more. Everything has to be restaurant quality. Frozen food removed from the freezer needs to be used within 48 hours. That’s in addition to the flake and pellet food people feed their pet fish at home.


One of the most interesting events at the Shreveport Aquarium continues to be the feeding of the sharks. Everyone is invited to come out to the shark feedings at the Shreveport Aquarium. Come out on Thursdays and Sundays at 2:30 pm. During Spring Break and the summer, shark feedings can be seen on Tuesdays. You’ll learn more about these magnificent creatures than what you’ve seen in the theaters.

Come out and watch the feedings


Experience the thrill of feeding the stingrays whenever you visit. For a small fee, you receive a few small fish. They’ll show you how to correctly get ready by placing the food between your ring and middle finger. Next, you make a fist and tuck your thumb inside. Finally, you place your hand in the water and a stingray glides up and sucks the fish out from between your fingers.

The correct way to hold a meal for a stingray.

Visit the Shreveport Aquarium on Clyde Fant Parkway by the river in downtown Shreveport. Many of the staff would be happy to talk more about feeding of the fish at the aquarium. For more information about hours, ticket prices and more, check out their website.

Feeding the fish in the aquarium is only of the responsibilities of the Animal Husbandry department, see what happens in a day for these hard working and caring individuals here.

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