Board Games to Beat the Boredom

Some classics and some new games made our list

Board Games to Beat the Boredom

Stuck in the house with the family? Try one of these board games to beat the boredom. Play at the kitchen table or online and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Monopoly - Since 1935, families have been wheeling and dealing the 22 properties, 4 railroads, 2 utilities and drawing lots of Community Chests and Chances in the game of Monopoly. With hundreds of different varieties like Golf, Snoopy, Harley-Davidson, Godzilla and more, you can find one perfect for your family.

Catan - Can you conquer Catan before your opponents? This game features building, resource gathering and lot of guile and cunning to win. Be the first to ten points and you win. Many expansion boards and themed games are available. Play online here.

Ticket to Ride - Have fun on cross country train adventure in your home! Build your railroad empire as you try to secure your secret routes with the help of train cards and a little bit of luck. Not only is there the traditional version of early 20th century America, but other notable countries. Play online here.

Connect Four - Drop your red or yellow discs down a slot and try to get four in a row. Careful though. Your opponent is trying to do the same thing. For a twist, put a five second time limit on each drop. Let’s see if you can strategize quickly. Play online here.

Scattergories - You’re given a category.

You roll a dice revealing a letter.

Think of as many words that fit the category that starts with the letter.

And you have until the sands in the timer run out.

Score points if no one else comes up with your words.


Play online here.

Qwirkle - Qwirkle is a simple game of matching colors and shapes. Great for young kids who are learning colors and shapes. You score points by building rows of shapes or colors. Play online here.

Chess - It’s one of the most inexpensive board games but is one of the most thought-provoking games out there. Your objective - capture your enemy’s king. To do so takes careful planning and using all of pawns, knights, bishops, rooks and queen to do it. But think defensively to guard your king. Play online here.

Blokus - This game might seem easy when you’re starting out. Place as many of your colored blocks on the board. But... each piece must touch another of the same color only at the corners. Things can get complicated pretty quick. Play online here.

Checkers - Another inexpensive game focusing on capturing your opponent’s pieces. Take them all or block their pieces in to win the game. Outside of the US, the game is known as Draughts and you can click here to see some of the other variations, if you want to change things up. Play online here.

Cootie - We at the Ark-La-Tex Weekend encourage parents with children around 3 or 4 to get the kids a Cootie. Specifically this game. Players roll the dice and be the first to create their own Cootie bug. Adorbs! Play online here.

Yahtzee - The popular dice game is a hit with young and old! Roll the five dice and try to fill in your score card to win. Play only thirteen rounds to see who gets the best score. Plus it’s always fun to scream out “YAHTZEE!” Play online here.

Chutes and Ladders - It’s a race to the top of the game board in this classic. Land on the wrong spot and you slide down the chute. Land on the right spot and climb up the ladder. Did you know that game was called Snakes and Ladders when it first came out? Play online here.

Want to play outside? Check out these yard games.

Of course there are many more board games like Life, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and more to beat the boredom. Hopefully these board games will bring the family together for some fun and eliminate the boredom.