The Great Candy Cane Taste Test

Red, yellow, green, white, pink and brown. These are not your typical peppermint and spearmint candy canes. We had all the colors of the rainbow in this candy cane taste testing video! To get in the Christmas spirit, I had my coworkers try different flavors of candy canes. The flavors were numbered from one to five:

  • Oreo
  • Green Apple
  • Bacon
  • 7UP
  • Rootbeer
  • They had to guess what the flavors were using their senses. This was a fun video tasting this sweet treat. Most of my coworkers at KSLA News 12 did not guess the flavors but two of them did. When we started recording, I asked each of them what each of them thought about candy canes.

    Andrew said, “I like candy canes definitely you know this time of year is a good time to have them, always nice to have a peppermint for fresh breath that taste good.” Little did he know that we had no peppermint flavored anything. As you saw in the video, his palate was off and couldn’t decipher the bacon flavored candy cane. That was one of the hardest ones to try because I also tried it too and it does not give you a bacon flavor at first but does have a smoke pork flavor to me.

    Danielle also tried the bacon flavored candy cane. She said, “I like candy canes, when I was a child I liked decorating the Christmas tree with them and remind me of Christmas time.” In the video however you see when she tried the bacon candy cane she did not like it. She is more a sweet candy cane person and so the bacon one was savory and not what she was expecting. It reminder her of a time when one her friends tricked her into trying a bacon flavored cotton candy. Even though she did not like it, she handled her disgust with grace.

    Now the next group was John and Jennifer trying the green apple candy cane. I asked John what he liked about candy canes and he said, ” I love them, they are so good especially during the holidays.” In the video, John quickly guess pineapple and Pina colada. It was a fruity flavor and he said it tasted tart and sweet reminded him of gummy bears. So the green apple was a hard one to guess too.

    I asked Jenn what she liked about candy canes and she said, “I like the sour candy canes like sour watermelon and strawberry.” I am surprised she did not guess the green apple flavor because it is sort of tart but it is mostly sweet. It was really good she said and reminded her of jolly ranchers which is a good comparison.

    The next pair was Chad and John tasting and guessing the Oreo flavored candy cane. I asked Chad what he liked about candy canes and he said, “I love candy canes, I love sweets in general.” He was ready to dive into eating one of the candy canes. Both of their responses were the same on the taste and their guesses. Chad said he got a chocolatey flavor and so did John which makes sense because Oreos are chocolate but could not taste the white cream part of the candy cane. In addition, we did not show it in the video but Chad did get the 7Up candy cane flavor right.

    I would also like to mention Jenn again as another person to get the candy cane flavor right. She guessed the root beer flavor candy cane before even tasting it. I asked her how she assumed it was root beer and she said she had one before and remembered what it looked like. The flavor reminder her of a root beer float which is good with ice cream. We laughed about that!

    The face of a winner who can not be fooled by the root beer candy cane

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