Go behind-the-scenes at Dark Woods

When we heard about all of the awards that a Natchitoches haunted attraction had, we had to go check it out to rip the horror mask off and see the nice people putting it together. We went behind-the-scenes at Dark Woods Haunted Attraction. Entering the seventh season, Dark Woods resides on many “Top Lists”…

Owner Jason Summerlin says “our goal is to entertain you.” Dark Woods is almost a year-round adventure (February-November) with many of the cast and crew feeling like one big family. Many members attend horror and haunted house conventions to learn new techniques and stay up-to-date on technology. One example is the use of 3D glasses in the Blacklight haunt Dark Carnival.


Summerlin and company research what costumes would match the setting. Currently, the theme is centralized before the Great Depression. Sometimes they sew new costumes together while other times they piece together different costumes. The presence of clowns permeate the park. As a result, the “friendly” clowns are dressed in the style of the late 1920s. You won’t see these costumes at other haunted houses.


One of the most important parts about the behind-the-scenes at Dark Woods is the makeup department. There’s a whole room specifically for artists to transform an actor. The team use some of the latest releases in the industry including the fake blood, profession appliances and prosthetics. All to make a unique look. The makeup artists train under experts who have worked in Stan Winston Studios or have been on “Face Off.


The women and men who spend hours in makeup and costume truly love their night jobs. During the day many are students at Northwestern State University. One even teaches at a nearby school. They don’t just show up for the shows in September and October. Over the course of the year, they come together to help build new places of terror and torture or sew new costumes, or brainstorm new ideas to frighten you.


Every year Dark Woods grows. Out of seventeen acres, only seven have been developed. Buildings, micro attractions and more concessions will make the whole experience better.

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