Greens are good for you

Green leafy vegetables are one of the best foods to eat. Every March, local growers converge on Greens on the Redto give out free samples of delicious dishes and to educate the community on how greens are good for you.

In 2019, we went out and asked the growers, “What makes your veggie so good for everyone?” All of the growers enthusiastically answered with a list of beneficial factors to their vegetable of choice.

Cabbage – Really long shelf life. Cheap to grow and buy.

Brussel Sprouts – The fiber! Full of Potassium, Vitamin C, and Iron.

Chinese Cabbage – The 2nd most nutrient dense vegetable in the world.

Collard Greens – A lot of Vitamins C & A. Plenty of fiber too.

Kale – Full of nutrients. Good flavor that goes well with sauces.

Mustard Greens – Tasty and lots of vitamins (C, K, A, & Folic)

Spinach – High in vitamin C, iron, calcium and folate.

Herbs – Before modern medicine, herbs were used to cure ailments.

All of these veggies can be grown in the Ark-La-Tex. So consider these when starting or adding to your garden. Visit the Greens on the Red Facebook page for more info.