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12 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Bees

These Buzzing Bees have some fun facts!

Bees aren’t just pesky little bugs that buzz around and try to sting you. They actually do a lot of helpful things for mother nature. There are several fun facts about bees a lot of people don’t know about but don’t worry we are here to keep you informed. We need bees for a lot of things! Have you ever heard of a little thing called agriculture? Well, bees help a lot with that! Without bees, we would not have flowers or honey. And think about what you had for breakfast this morning!  Humans wouldn’t have a lot of things to eat without bees! If bees were to go away forever say goodbye to your Avocados! We also need bees for things like honey and flowers!

Fun facts About Bees

 Here are twelve fun facts you may not know about those yellow buzzy flying creatures!

1. Bees have been here for about 30 million years! Wow, that’s a long time! Can you believe bees outlived the dinosaurs?

2. Bees are important because they pollinate fruit, fiber, nuts, and a lot of our vegetable crops. A lot of plants we need for food relies on pollination, especially by bees. So if you like almonds, vanilla, apples, and squashes, make sure to thank the next bee you run into.

3. If a bee loses its stinger, it will die.

4. An average beehive can hold around 50,000 bees. Unless you’re a professional beekeeper, we suggest you stay far far away from a beehive.

5. Bees fly about 20 mph. If you ever need to run away from an angry beehive-like in the cartoons, start practicing track or they will catch you!

6. All worker bees are females. That means NO BOYS ALLOWED.

7. If bees were to go away forever, many animals, such as the beautiful bee-eater birds, would lose their prey and die-off. This would also impact natural systems and food webs.

8. There are over 20,000 known types of bees.

9. The term ‘honeymoon’ after a marriage comes from Scandinavia where the newlyweds drank copious amounts of Mead which is fermented honey for luck during the first month (or lunar cycle)

10. Bees have five eyes and can see into the Ultraviolet spectrum and has two stomachs (one for eating, one for transporting nectar and water)

11. The United States Postal Service and UPS can ship honey bees. Queen honeybees can go by air while all other bees must use surface transportation. It’s good to be the Queen!

12. Bees are the ultimate club creatures. They communicate with each other through dance and the release of pheromones.

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