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10 Facts About Pelicans You Might Not Know About

Celebrate the state bird of Louisiana

You see it on the state flag of Louisiana, there’s even the NBA franchise with the name, but what do you really know about the pelican? Check out the facts about the majestic Pelicans.

facts about pelicans

1. There are eight species of pelican: The American white pelican, Brown pelican, Peruvian pelican, Great white pelican, Australian pelican, Pink-backed pelican, Dalmatian pelican, and the Spot-billed pelican

2. Albania honors the pelican on its 1 Lek coin. 1 Albanian Lek equates roughly to a U.S. penny.

3. Pelicans can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

4. Ancient Egyptians revered the pelican and depicted in tombs and thought to protect against snakes.

5. The “Swinging” State Bird: Brown Pelican’s only stay in a committed relationship for one season. After that, they’re back on the scene looking for their next ‘flavor of the year.’

6. The American White Pelican grows a temporary ‘horn,’ during breeding season. The horn is broad, flat, yellow, or orange and appears on the upper bills of sexually mature birds from late March to early May.

7. Some pelicans hunt for food in groups.

8. According to Fact City, fossil evidence of pelicans go back 30,000,000 years. A beak that resembles a pelican was unearthed in France.

9. Pelicans weigh the most of any flying bird (up to 33 pounds!). They float on water thanks to air pockets in their skeleton and beneath the skin.

10. An Athletic Bird: We all know about the “New Orleans Pelicans” basketball team led by young NBA Star Zion Williamson, but did you know that they’re not the first team to have that name? The original Pels were the “New Orleans Pelicans” minor league baseball team that dates back to the late 1800’s. Apparently, the Pels were pretty powerful – winning 12 pennants, three league titles and two series titles in their nearly 100-year run.

Now you’ve learned some facts about pelicans (the birds), now here are a few about the bees.

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