You have been tasting tea wrong your entire life

A Professional Tea Taster shows us how it's done.

Drinking tea is simple. Tasting tea is a little more complex. You might even be tasting tea wrong.

Bill Hall is a third-generation professional tea taster and partner at the Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. He received his formal training during a four-year apprenticeship in London, England. If there was ever someone to talk to about tea, Bill Hall is the guy.

To truly appreciate tea, one must look at the leaf itself. Then once the tea is brewed, the color should be nice, bright and clear. A professional tea taste will sip the beverage and sip in some more air to spread the tea around the palate. It might not be the most dignified way of drinking tea, but it does allow the flavors to come out even more for a great experience.

Watch as Bill shows The Southern Weekend’s Molly McKinney what to look for, and how to taste tea like a pro and not tasting tea wrong.

See what makes the plantation unique to the United States.

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