We tried Milk Coke and survived

We mixed Coca-Cola with milk (and almond milk) to see if it is drinkable.

At the beginning of March 2019, a different drink caught wind on the Internet. British comedian James Felton posted pictures of him drinking Milk Coke.

Since then, many people have expressed their opinions about it. On the face of it, mixing milk and Coke may be unusual but this is not a new drink. Many feel that it’s an Ice Cream Coke Float where the ice cream melted. Truthfully, the melted ice cream float would have added ingredients (vanilla, eggs and sweetened milk). So the taste between Milk Coke and a Coke Float is different. One thing to remember when mixing milk with coke is an eventual curdling of the milk due to a chemical reaction of the Phosphoric Acid and the proteins in the milk. No worries though, the curds are edible (just ask Little Miss Muffet from the nursery rhyme).

Milk coke has been tried since the beginning of soft drinks. From 1976 to 1983, the popular show “Laverne and Shirley” featured Laverne (Penny Marshall) drinking Pepsi and milk. That beverage made a small comeback in 2014.

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We decided to give it a try. One afternoon, we asked three people to taste test this refreshment. We mixed equal amounts of Coke and milk together.

Ryan Reggio thought that the drink was not as bad as he had anticipated. Before he drank, he mentioned that “Why would anyone conceive this idea other than like an eight year old who’s unsupervised.” After he chugged the drink, he said “It’s actually not that bad.” He says that you will have to drink it ice cold. Would he recommend it? “No.” We give him props for finishing his glass.

Ryan Milk Coke
Ryan Reggio reflecting on the Milk Coke

Felicia Michelle’s first thought about Milk Coke was “it’s a little awkward of a combination. But, I mean, why not. Stranger things have happened. Right?” After tasting it, she decided that the drink was not for her. “It’s kind of like when you have an ice cream float but it’s kind of float. We applaud her adventurous nature for giving this beverage a try.

Felicia Milk Coke
Felicia Michelle about to taste Milk Coke for the first time

Jori Lacour suggested we take Milk Coke to a different level. Instead of using regular, whole milk, we substitute a dairy free milk. So we bought some almond milk. Her reaction? “You know. It actually wasn’t that bad. Very different. Very fizzy. But, it’s not disgusting.” She also suggested adding some Crown Royal.

Jori Milk Coke
Jori Lacour is making sure Robert Streeter is drinking his glass before trying hers.

We came to the conclusion that Milk Coke was something different that didn’t “wow” us but was just OK. Using almond milk improved the flavor over the traditional Milk Coke.

milk coke

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