Top five places to visit at LSU

LSU isn't just football. Make sure to stop by these places next time you're on campus.

When people hear “LSU,” the first thing that often comes to mind is football. Though the sport is the bread and butter of the university’s athletic department, many sports fans in particular might be surprised by the wealth of places on the campus that make it unique. From the historical to the sweet, we’ve listed some of the top 5 places you should visit next time you’re at LSU.

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LSU Tiger Stadium

Ok yes LSU is more than just football, but we can’t talk about the top places to visit without mentioning Tiger Stadium. Better known as “Death Valley,” the massive stadium holds more than 100,000 fans for every home football contest. If you’re lucky, on non-game days you’ll hear Guns N’ Roses blaring from its open terraces.

Mike the Tiger's Habitat

If you can’t make it anywhere else on campus, visiting the beloved Mike the Tiger at his habitat is an absolute must. Mike is the sixth Bengal Tiger to become the mascot for LSU and really, what other college can boast a live tiger just a few steps away from its classrooms? A tip for those of you trying to catch him in action: his handlers say Mike is most active in the mornings.

The Indian Mounds

Serious history can be found smack-dab in the middle of LSU’s campus. Enter the Indian Mounds. The two “hills” are thought to be more than 5,000 years old, making them older than the pyramids in Egypt. It’s no wonder the university has taken extra precautions in recent years to promote a more “look but don’t touch” mentality to preserve the historical monuments.

LSU Dairy Store

If Mike is the absolute must-see on the list, then the Dairy Store is a close second. Run by the university’s agriculture center, the creamery makes its own ice cream as well as offers meats and cheeses to the community. A scoop of Black Cherry or Tiger Bites ice cream is a great way to cool down on a hot day, which let’s be honest is 95% of the year here in the South.

The Parade Grounds

Now that you’ve walked all over campus to visit these places, take your ice cream and head to the parade grounds to relax. The sprawling grass offers a great option if you want to people-watch, and in the afternoon you can catch everything from rugby practice to acoustic guitar performances.