This new Torchy’s meal is just too HOT!

OK. We’ve all seen some pretty hot offerings from restaurants in the past. But the new “Some Like It Hot” lineup from Torchy’s Tacos looks to scorch the competition. If you are truly adventurous or a glutton for punishment or wish to put your digestive system through an intense challenge, you should try this meal.

Hot meal Torchy's
Photo Source: Torchy’s Tacos

1. Ring of Fire MargaritaHabanero-infused Exotico tequila with house made sweet and sour, fresh jalapeño and a Tajin rim.

2. Daredevil Queso Blanco – Features roasted jalapeños and serranos, fresh cilantro and Diablo Sauce, served with a basket of house fried chili lime salted Chicharrones.

3. Bottle Rocket Shrimp Taco –  Habanero-battered fried shrimp, cabbage slaw, cotija cheese, candied jalapeños, cilantro and Diablo Mayo, served on a flour tortilla.

Don’t worry, there are a few urgent medical care facilities near the Shreveport location at 1384 E. 70th St.

“Our new Daredevil Queso Blanco and Ring of Fire Margarita are the perfect pairings for the Bottle Rocket Shrimp Taco for this year’s Some Like It Hot promotion,” said Mike Rypka, founder of Torchy’s Tacos in a press release.  “Once we got into the kitchen and started playing around with different ingredients to create a flavorful meal that truly brings the heat, it was game over. I think we’ll see a lot of tears from Torchy’s spice lovers this year!”

torchys Taco now open

We respect those brave enough to try this hot meal from Torchy’s Tacos. Good luck and hope you survive.

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