The Smokies: one of America’s great natural wonders

The Tennessee Smoky Mountains are the perfect place for a Southern Weekend.

There is something magical about The Great Smoky Mountains with its great natural wonders. With so much to explore, you could spend a lifetime hiking past the beautiful waterfalls and taking in the incredible views. However, if you can’t commit a lifetime to it, a weekend will do just fine too.

Part of the great natural wonders include the wildlife. You might see elk, coyotes, river otters and black bears.

It’s one of the most visited national parks. But according to their website, you can avoid the crowds by touring early in the day (before 10:00am) and explore the lesser-used places like Abrams Creek, Cosby, Greenbrier Cove and Heintooga Ridge Road. There are over 500,000 acres to explore making it one of the largest national parks in the eastern United States.

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