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The Biggest Stories of 2020

2020 turned out to be a pretty unusual year to say the least. We’re happy to see it in the rear view mirror as we cruise into 2021. We covered many events, great places to visit, shared some yummy recipes and tried to have a lot of fun. Many of you visited the Ark-La-Tex Weekend and saw over 350 videos. Presenting the top five most popular stories of 2020.

no 1

You all LOVE hummies!

12 facts about hummingbirds & their migration

This turned out to be our number 1 story of all time! They’ll be back in 2021.

no 2

Special pumpkins

Blue pumpkins and trick or treat cards for Autism awareness

For the second year in a row, this good hearted story made the list. Everyone should have the chance to participate and enjoy Halloween.

no 3

Mother Nature didn't disappoint

In July, look up for a lot of astronomical events

So much happened in the heavens in July from a lunar eclipse, to a comet to two meteor showers. And we could walk outside to our yards to see it all.

no 4

You like a good travel bargain!

Amtrak offers safe way to travel with a BOGO Deal

Who doesn’t like a good BOGO deal? We always keep an eye on Amtrak and will let you know if they or any other mass transit offers a good sale from the Ark-La-Tex.

no 5

Stop and smell the flowers

Hop in the car and see the Sunflower Trail

Even though the actual festival in Gillam was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, that didn’t stop many of you from seeing the flowers in bloom in Caddo Parish.

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Our Favorite Stories from 2020

In 2021, we promise to continue to share some of the amazing stories of the history, fun places around town, events, food and more. Make sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram!