The Autumn Joy Is Thanksgiving’s Cocktail Of Choice

Something special to serve at the adult's table this Thanksgiving.

The Autumn Joy is the perfect drink to make if you’re looking for a shot of fall nostalgia. If there were a drink that taste like autumn, this would be it. Not only is it delicious but it’s really easy to make. You’ll need Crown Royal Apple, cranberry juice, apple simple syrup, bitters, and one mint leaf. WLOX Gulf Coast Weekend stopped by Barefoot Billy’s in Biloxi to see how Matt Troub puts together this fall classic.

The Autumn Joy

Crown Royal Apple – ounce and a half

cranberry juice – ounce and a half

apple simple syrup – three-quarters of an ounce

two dashes of bitters

one mint leaf

Combine all in ice. Shake and strain into martiniĀ glass. Garnish with cherry and mint leaf. Enjoy!

Barefoot Billy’s also has delicious menu choices for brunch, lunch and dinner. Have a look at their menu here:


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Serve a bottle of wine from Shreveport’s Heart Gates Vineyard.