Take a “Journey” “Beside This Red River” SRAC Exhibit

Surround yourself with art as the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) opens Artspace in downtown Shreveport with “Journey to the Heart” and “Besides This Red River.” From January 23 – March 6, you can visit 708 Texas Street to experience the works of Dustin Greer and J.K. Lawson.

Beside This Red River

On the Mainspace floor by J.K. Lawson

Artwork Source: SRAC


From the SRAC press release, “While living in New Orleans, J.K. Lawson lost both his home and studio in Hurricane Katrina, along with 25 years of artwork and writing. Lawson has used this unfortunate loss as fuel for his own creative passion. Drawing from his recent series Juke Joint Men, this exhibition includes pieces dedicated to the Louisiana Hayride musicians, along with his signature pieces that incorporate reclaimed Mardi Gras beads, architectural drawings, and photographs, pieced together to create new and nostalgic images.”

Come out to the Artist Talk on Saturday, January 23 at 2:00. Also, J.K. Lawson will be in residency and offering workshops from Friday, February 26 through Saturday, March 6!

Journey to the Heart

on the Coolspace floor by Dustin Greer

Artwork Source: SRAC

From the SRAC press release, “For Dustin, life is an adventure in creativity. ┬áHe considers his paintings as a crucible that sift and sort between what is real and conditioned, between what is essential and what is facilitated by personality. Dustin hopes to elevate primitive art and create a marriage of principles that connect us all.”

SRAC presents “Journey to the Hear” and “Beside This Red River” and opens at artspace on January 23, 2021. A socially distanced exhibition opening takes place on January 23rd from Noon until 6:00pm. Light refreshments will be served as well as Parish Taceaux specials throughout the day. The shows run through March 6. After that, the popular Critical Mass opens.

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