Good Southern foods to get you through winter

Southern foods to warm you up this winter

Since the dawn of time, mankind has fought to survive the winter. Though we no longer have to spear any mammoths to survive it’s still not easy to survive the year’s coldest months. Fortunately, the South has always been a bastion of comfort food, ready to heal whatever ails you. Read through for some ideas on what to make (or where to visit) while you dream of warmer days.

Southern Greens

Veggies and greens can be a meal all their own. You can grow many different types of vegetables and herbs throughout the year. Check out what Ark-La-Tex farmers and enthusiasts say what veggies grow well around the area and how they are good for you in this video.


The classic southern comfort food. Grits are meant to be cheap, simple, and to stick to your ribs all day long. Fill them up with cheese, veggies, shrimp, bacon; whatever will help you weather the dark days until spring. Click the link to hear one grits expert’s strong opinions on how to prepare this southern staple.

Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a perfect food. Warm, melty, and soothing, it can be as simple as a box of shells with some orange powder or high art boiled and broiled with care. In this video some of Charleston’s finest share their tips and tricks for elevating your macaroni game.

Apple Cobbler

The noble apple goes above and beyond to do what other fruits cannot: stay in season throughout the winter. Show your appreciation by cooking it into a delicious cobbler. Click through for The Southern Weekend’s Felicia Suzanne best tips and tricks for this classic dessert. Cobbler is a bit quicker and a lot easier than pie, so you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sort of the inverse to cheese around carbs, this time it’s carbs around cheese. Shake the snow off your boots, get some feeling back in your fingers, and slap your finest cheese between two slices of your finest bread. Grilled cheese is already great but click through to this video for some brainstorms on accouterments to include in your sandwich. If you have a family tomato soup recipe to pair with your sandwich then even better.

Brew your own beer

Brewing beer isn’t as hard as you might think! All you need are a few easy-to-acquire grains, some simple kitchen tools, and the patience to wait for it to ferment. Brew up a stout or a porter for your next batch. They don’t call them “winter warmers” for nothing.

Sweet Potato

If you’re just too winter weary to turn on the stove, then you should let the pros handle it. And there’s no better stop for comfort food than Winston-Salem’s Sweet Potatoes. There’s a lot more to this tuber than just stuffing, hash, or pie. Click through to see the many, many other ways the sweet potato will warm you up.


Just like grits, biscuits are a tentpole of good southern foods. Also like grits, you can fill them with just about whatever you like. In this video, the Biscuit King of Alabama will show you just what’s possible with the South’s fluffiest carbohydrate.

Soul Food

If you need the love and care of home cooking to warm your bones then look no further than Martha Lou’s Kitchen in Charleston. It’s all homegrown, all southern classics, and all sure to remind you of warmer days.

If you just can’t take any more good southern foods then look across the pond for some inspiration. The Irish have their own culinary strategies for dealing with terrible weather and you’d be wise to follow their lead. Molly Darcy’s in Charleston will be happy to warm you up with some corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips, or one heck of a Shepherd’s Pie. Winter is basically a countdown to St. Paddy’s Day anyway.