Some wild & interesting stories from this summer

Everyone at the Ark-La-Tex Weekend keeps an eye out for fun things to do, easy recipes and travel stories for you. This summer, we came across some pretty interesting and wild stories we thought we would share with you.

1. Moon water is the newest thing.

Next time there is a full moon (September 2), you might want to try making your own moon water. says that drinking moon water that has absorbed the energies of a full moon is “an effective way of cleansing and empowering yourself for the month ahead.  They also mention to stay away from eclipses. All it takes to make moon water is five easy steps.

2. One of the world’s worst smelling flowers bloomed in Natchitoches.

Titan Arum (amorphophallus titanium) is one of the largest flowers in the world. The plant blooms once every seven or eight years. It’s also known as the corpse flower due to it unattractive aroma many compare to a rotting corpse. On June 26, the flower bloomed on the Northwestern State University campus and hundreds went out to witness Mr. Stinky (their name for it) bloom. Bummed that you missed it? A second sprout may bloom soon.

3. The British can now make Mayo Ice Cream.

Don’t believe us? Click here and see the DIY Ice Cream kits Heinz launched. A kit contains everything you need to make ice cream: reusable ice cream tub, recipe card, limited edition engraved golden scoop and spoon and your choice of Heinz Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Saucy Sauce, and Salad Cream. Sorry, the ketchup version already sold out.

4. A face mask that doubles as a translator.

Not only could you help protect others from Coronavirus, but you could speak one of eight different languages to them. That’s what a Japanese robotics company created. The C-Face smart mask uses your smartphone to take what you are saying and translates it into French, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

5. Pickle flavor chips hit store shelves.

Doritos released a new flavor called Tangy Pickle. We tried it and it was very vinegary.

6. Murder hornets, venomous dragons and flying snakes! Oh my!

If the Coronavirus wasn’t stressful enough, we had to deal with Mother Nature and some of her dangerous creatures! In May it was Asian Giant Hornets (also called Murder Hornets) were spotted in Washington state. Then, venomous sea slugs called Blue Dragons washed up on the beaches of Padre Island in Texas. After that, scientists discovered how flying snakes could fly in June.

Let’s all agree that 2020 has been one of the strangest years in history. And we still have a few months to go. So lets hope for some more interesting and wild stories.

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