Cafe du Monde beignets: See how they’re made at Riverwalk New Orleans

It's hard to find a better setting to do some shopping.

One can not go to New Orleans and not try the beignets the city is famous for. Molly McKinney received a free lesson in making beignets at the legendary Cafe Du Monde at the Riverwalk. A second location of the coffee and donut shop sits a few blocks from the original store and it’s a lot less crowded. Although she didn’t discover the secret ingredients that makes Cafe du Monde beignets so delectable, she helped produced a batch of the sugar coated confections.

New Orleans doesn’t lack for interesting shopping options, but it’s hard to find a nicer experience than the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk along the Mississippi River in the warehouse district.  Boasting fabulous river views and a wide array of incredible retail choices, these shops are at a whole different level. The modern mall sits apart from the history of nearby French Quarter yet it still attracts a number of tourist with great deals. You’ll find the mall next door to the Aquarium of the Americas at the end of Poydras Street.

Created in partnership with Outlet Collection at Riverwalk.

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Cafe Du Monde is basically perfect