Say hello to The Gourmet Frenchie from Jimmy John’s

For the first time in years, Jimmy John’s introduced a new sandwich. It’s called The Gourmet Frenchie. They take a fresh 13-inch baguette loaf, spread salted butter on it. Then they add capicola, salami and provolone cheese to create this delectable treat. It’s listed on the Jimmy John’s website at 760 calories. It was released in select markets in late March but now they are available nationwide.

Many on social media suggest getting the Kickin’ Ranch Sauce to go with it. The Gourmet Frenchie is part of their value priced menu. It is pre-made so there is no chance to get it customized to your taste. You also want to get yours early. Baguette bread has a short shelf life so they only make the Frenchie in limited numbers and for a limited time.

If you live within five minutes of a Jimmy John’s, you can ask for their freaky fast delivery of your order.

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