Pinball: An American Game Experience

Pinball is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Now's your chance to play some classics!

For decades, a shiny silver ball has thrilled and frustrated gamers around the world. Currently, video games on cell phones, Playstations, X-boxes, and more dominate. Yet pinball is still part of the gaming world and now the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum in Shreveport presents Pinball: An American Game Experience. Jayson Woods and the Texas Pinball Collectors’ Association brought over several fun machines spanning decades for you to play and learn a little bit about the history. Enjoy the challenge of defying gravity and the feel of the games as you push the buttons and the ball scoring on the bumpers. Try the different variety of games from the 1950s to today.

Pinball 1Pinball 3

There are some helpful tips that Christopher Sockrider of the ArkLaTex Pinball Club shared with us. First, read the instructions so you understand what to do. Secondly, don’t hit both flippers at the same time. Finally, be patient. Jayson suggests, slow the ball down on the flippers. Also, where you hit the ball on the flippers determine where the ball will go. Finally, relax.

Pinball 4

Leave the quarters at home. All of playable machines are FREE PLAY during the exhibition. The Louisiana State Exhibit Museum is open with free admission from October 24 through November 16. Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm and Saturday-Sunday from Noon-6:00pm.

Pinball 2

The exhibition is coinciding with the State Fair of Louisiana. Make sure you check this unique and free experience when you go. Plus check out the rest of the museum featuring the history and the famous dioramas.