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Patriot Lemonade: cool, colorful and refreshing

One incredible red, white and blue drink for the summer!

Kick your lemonade up several notches by adding more fruit. Since Memorial Day and Independence Day occurs during the summer, this Patriot Lemonade will be the toast of your outdoor party. As the white coconut ice melts, the blue and red berries release their flavors so the drink evolves as you enjoy it. Snack on the fruit for a nice dessert.


½ lb. fresh strawberries

About 40 fresh blueberries

16-20 oz. coconut water

1 gallon lemonade


Clean the strawberries and blueberries. Remove the leaves and dice the strawberries. In several ice trays, fill with berries. Add coconut water to the trays. Freeze the trays for a few hours. When they are frozen, place into glass. Fill with lemonade. Add a paper umbrella if you want.

Patriot Lemonade

Change out the fruit in the Patriot Lemonade to whatever’s in season and get those extra vitamins.

How about kiwi and oranges in the winter?

Or maybe try a peach and cherry combo in the late summer?

For the fall, pair apples with pears!

These drinks will go great with some of Mom’s Molasses Cookies!