Visit the Museum of the Bizarre for an adventure

This museum on the Carolina coast places hexes above the doors to keep the evil spirits from getting out.

If you’re looking for a different adventure, the Museum of the Bizarre, appropriately located along the Cape Fear river in Wilmington, NC, is home to a large number of unsettling artifacts and exhibits. See Harry Houdini’s Ouija board, an 150 year old cauldron that belches and marvel at an actual exorcism kit.

Owner Justin LaNasa talks about how he came to own all of these items, and try not to get too spooked along the way. Over the years, he’s been collecting the exotic and eccentric as a hobby by visiting side shows and finding Hollywood props. Once he married however, he needed to move his collection out of his house. So the museum came into being.

They say it’s safe to bring the kids with lots of interactive displays. Test your luck in a mirror maze or tackle the Laser Vault Maze.

Can’t get to Wilmington for the Museum of the Bizarre and experience the adventure? Then might we suggest a trip down to Natchitoches in September and October and see the incredible and macabre at Dark Woods Haunted Attractions or see how they prep for the attraction here.

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