DIY: Little Africa Face Painting Tips

Follow these tips and you'll be a pro in no time.

Face painting is so much fun! Sebastian Williams aka The Artist That I am (follow him), has some tips for us on how to paint your face with a mini Africa painting.

Face Painting Tips

One of the first tips he says before you start painting is make sure your canvas (model) has a clean face and have the supplies to paint:

  •  Jar of water to dip your paint brushes in
  •  Different size brushes so you can be creative and do different brush patterns and styles
  •  Small plate to put your colors on so you can mix them and make your canvas colorful as you would like
  •  Paper Towels so you can wipe your brushes off as well as minor messes that are made
  •  Face paint of course

Speaking of face paint, you do not want to use any type of paint.  The best paint to use is actually face paint that has no chemicals in it. That’s because some paints have chemicals in it that can be very harsh to your skin, for example acrylic paint. The chemicals in those types of paint could cause your face to break out and that will not be a fun time. Places you can get face paint: Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and if you are an online shopper, Amazon is a good site. 

Next, once you have all your supplies you can start painting you canvas.

Little Africa: Face Painting Tips

So the first thing you can to do is make an outline of what you are going to paint. Sketch it out on paper so you can reference it while face painting. In the video, Sebastian is doing the outline of mini Africa of the model’s face. The purpose of the outline is to set a “blueprint” of the image you are about to paint so it can be as precise as you want it.  It does not have to be perfect because at the end of the day it is about having fun.

The next thing you want to do is do a base layer and blend the colors you want together in the outline of your painting. So for the base layer for mini Africa, Sebastian used orange and yellow to fill the outline. A tip he suggested is to use thick layers of paint because it will cover your canvas more and it is better to add then subtract. Then you can start to blend.

Before you blend, make sure you don’t mix your colors together because it can make for a color you do not want and you will have to use more paint to get it the way you like. So wipe your brush before switching colors. This is called the dry brush technique where you wait for the paint to dry of your canvas and then blend the colors in the middle by wiping across a couple of times.

Now, you can start being really creative and add the designs, shapes, and other colors to your outline and base layer painting. In the video, he added a sun, a horizon line, a bush, and a tree as his representation of what mini Africa looks like to him. A tip that he suggested to make shapes like a circle for the sun is to use the end of the brush to dip the paint in and make the shape you like. In addition, to make the horizon line he turns the brush sideways to make the straight line across the outline.

Little Africa: Face Painting TipsLittle Africa: Face Painting Tips

The last thing you want to do is shape up your outline to make your entire face painting masterpiece come together. The reason you want to do this last because it is like a finish touch to your creation and clean up any mistake you could have made or want to fine tune.

You made it! The picture of above shows the finished product of mini Africa with the outline redone and the rest of the mini Africa painted images.

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