How to create balloon animals

Jay-Jay the Clown demonstrates one of best balloon animals to start off with.

Balloon animals are a hit with kids (and many adults as well). Even though there are a lot of twist and turns, making an animal is not as hard as you might think. Jay-Jay the Clown shows you one animal that could be lead to a menagerie of bombastic balloon beasts. You only need two things to get started: a pump and long balloons in many different colors. Find both at local party stores. Jay-Jay suggests stretching the balloon out first and not blowing up the balloon fully. Before tying the end, let a little bit of air out. The tied off end becomes the nose and you work your way down shaping each segment until you get a basic dog. When twisting, remember the magic number is 4 times. From there, experiment with different lengths of the nose, neck, ears, and midsection to create your own balloon zoo. It does take practice and you will pop a few. In no time you can create everything from elephants to giraffes.

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