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Hop in the car and see the Sunflower Trail & Festival

Spend a day surrounded by sunflowers and have fun at the festival devoted to this bright flower.

Mid-June is the perfect time of year to see sunflowers. The Sunflower Trail & Festival occurs on on a Saturday in mid-June from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. You can drive La. Highway 3049 between Gilliam and Shreveport and see field after field of these magnificent flowers.

A field of sunflowers is quite a sight to behold. The tall flowers swaying gently in the breeze often serve as inspiration for poetry and art. Bright yellow petals stand out from their green leaves and blue skies. Sunflowers get their name because they are heliotropic. That means their flowers turn and follow the Sun as it crosses the sky. Mid-summer is the time sunflowers come into full bloom and there is a stretch of highway in Northwest Louisiana filled with sunflowers.

Sunflower Festival

Many adventures await along the Sunflower Trail & Festival. At the Gilliam Library, see the entries of the Annual Sunflower Photography Contest. Visit the Veterans Memorial in Belcher and the Crossroads Museum in Gillam. Shop crafts and art from local artists. Kids can create their own art and everyone can dance to the music of local groups. Don’t forget the food! Several restaurants along the trail will be open. Something new for 2019 is the Sunflower Trail Treasure Hunt. Find clues and guidelines on the Sunflower Trail Facebook page.

Bring your camera for family photos. You might meet some of the farmers. Talk with them and learn a little bit more about the flowers. As tempting as it might be, don’t cut any of the flowers without asking first. You can probably find a lot sunflowers for sale in Gilliam.

Finding the trail…

Sunflower Tral & Festival route
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From Shreveport – Head north on Clyde Fant Pkwy./Grimmett Dr. Right before I-220, turn right on to Highway 3049 (Dixie-Shreveport Rd.) Follow 3049 to Gilliam.

From Texarkana – Head south on I-49 and exit on US Highway 71 (Gilliam exit). Head south on 71 to LA Highway 170 (1st St.) Turn left.  When you get to Gilliam, turn right on to Highway 3049.

Make sure to travel along Sentell Rd. around Dixie to see more sunflower fields.

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