It’s time for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2019!!

Girl Scouts nationwide will participate in National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2019 February 22–24, celebrating the impactful entrepreneurial program that has sparked the success of millions of women. The Girl Scout Cookie Program®, the largest annual investment in girls in the United States, powers amazing experiences for girls as they learn invaluable entrepreneurial skills and make the world a better placeEveryone can agree that when a nice scout comes up and asks if you want to buy a box, you usually say, “Yes.” while inside you’re squealing in delight. There’s a new flavor this year… Caramel Chocolate Chip (and it’s gluten free if you can find it).

Girl Scout Cookies
Thin Mints

Here’s this year’s list of cookies.

Girl Scout S’mores

Thin Mints

Caramel deLights/Samoas



Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs


Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Savannah Smiles


BRAND NEW – Caramel Chocolate Chip*

*-Denotes Gluten Free


Ever wonder why there are 2 names for some of the same cookies? According the Girl Scouts website, the cookies are produced by two bakers. The recipes and ingredients may differ slightly on some cookies. Check with your local Girl Scout council to find out which baker and name they sell. Not all cookies are available in all areas.

So you’re ready to buy…

  1. Find a cookie booth near you. – Go online the website and you can enter your zip code.
  2. Download the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Order online from the Digital Cookie platform.
Caramel Chocolate Chip

Girl scout cookies do so much for our community. Proceeds stay with local chapters to provide many opportunities for girls. They learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will help them later on in life. This century old tradition started in Oklahoma and the first prices started around 25 cents for a dozen. Now, the cost is a little higher but in the end, it’s a sweet deal.

Girl Scout cookies go great with ice cream. Maybe try them with a new King Cake Ice Cream.

Photos Courtesy: Girl Scouts