Hey moms! Kraft wants you to have a Mother’s Day away!

Kraft Foods wants to help you with a Mother’s Day away from the children, if that’s what you want. In two steps, you could get Kraft to pay for your babysitter up to $100. Think about it, no diaper changes and no meltdowns. You could enjoy a few hours to yourself and someone else could pay the babysitting bill.

  1. Get yourself a babysitter on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12).
  2. During that Sunday, head to www.kraftmothersdayaway.com  and fill out your information and submit your receipt.

Some fine print points you need to know…

  1. There’s only $50,000 available nationwide so check their website that day to make sure funds are still available.
  2. You must provide a photo of the receipt or invoice from the babysitter or babysitting service. Also, you need to explain why you need some time away. Make sure to check out the terms and conditions to find out how you can claim the money correctly.
  3. One submission per person, household or e-mail address.
  4. Allow 6-8 weeks after verification for shipment.

Maybe while you’re enjoying the day, your kids will make you some macaroni art. So enjoy some well-deserved “me” time from the good folks at Kraft. Several restaurants have Mother’s Day deals planned and you can check out some of the Mother’s Day brunches and events going on.