Here’s the perfect card game for avoiding politics: Uno Nonpartisan

Admit it, you always dread when that one family member that has the complete and total opposite political view that you have comes to visit. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Mattel, there’s now a Uno Nonpartisan game that can bring the family together and everyone can have fun. At least until you’re given the dreaded Draw Four card. Then it’s not a matter of politics, but the desire for vengeance.

Uno Nonpartisan game
Look! No Red or Blue cards! Photo Source – Mattel

In this deck, Mattel replaced the Red and Blue colored cards with Purple and Orange. Their reasoning, according to their website, is that “without Red or Blue cards the focus can stay on the game.”

Non Partisian Uno
The new Veto Card – Photo Source: Mattel

Everyone still has to shout out “UNO!” when you have one card left BUT if anyone starts talking politics, someone can play the new Veto Card. If the card comes out, the person who’s talking politics will have to skip their next turn and the conversation must change to something non-political (might we suggest if substituting egg nog for milk in Milk Coke would be a good idea).

You can find the Uno Nonpartisan card game at Walmart stores.