Here’s how you add your event

It’s pretty easy to add your event to the Ark-La-Tex Weekend and KSLA Event Calendar.

Here’s how you do it…

  1. Click on the Calendar tab at the top of the Ark-La-Tex Weekend page.
  2. Click on ‘Add Event’

Add Event 1

3. The Event Calendar webpage will open. Click on ‘Add Event’

KSLA Event Sign In

4. Register (if it’s your first time) or sign in.

Eviesays log in

5. You can begin to fill in the information.

Event Screen A

Repeat Scheme – If your event happens more than once, click the arrow and select “Daily”, “Weekly”, or “Monthly” and fill in the requested information. Click on the + icon to add another day.

Title – The title of your event

Categories – Clicking on this box will reveal a list of categories. Please click the appropriate categories. You can select more than one.

Description – You can go into detail about your event. You do not have to put down date/time (you already did that) and location (you will fill that out shortly).

Click on the ‘Show Additional Information’ box.

Show Additional Info

These are optional.

Setting – You can choose from indoor/outdoor/both.

Ticket URL – Place the website where people can buy tickets here.

Free Event – Click this box if it is a free event or set the minimum and max ticket prices

Website – Copy your main website here.

Contact Phone & Contact E-Mail – This will be shown to the public in case they want to call or e-mail for information.


Please put at least 1 good quality image here. Read the minimum requirements in the gray box.


You can drag pictures into the gray box or browse on your computer. You will be prompted to crop the image.


Here is your put in the address of your event.

Venue Search

Type your venue in the ‘Search for Venue’ and the city in ‘Venue Location’. If you’re venue does not show up in a list, you will have to Add the venue.

When all of the information is in, make sure to proofread it. Click on ‘Submit Event’ and you will be done!

Please give our systems a few minutes to process and post. You will receive an e-mail confirming that you submitted your event.

You can click on the My Account tab at the top to check and edit any of your posts.

Thank you for being a part of the Ark-La-Tex Weekend!