Happy National Fudge Day! Have a Blue Bell Fudge Bar

National Fudge Day is June 16!

Fudge is basically sugar, butter and milk mixed together and heated to 240° (or soft ball stage). When it cools, it has a smooth, creamy consistency. Created in the late 18th Century in Michigan, fudge has taken its place among the top candy found in confectioneries around the world.

Beyond the basic recipe, chocolate seems to be the best thing added to the mix. From there people have put in nuts, fruits, peanut butter and caramels. A little bit of fresh fudge goes great with coffee.

Since it’s going to be pretty warm out for National Fudge Day, why not indulge with a Fudge Bar? Blue Bell brought these frozen deliciousness on a stick back in 2018. Each box contains 12 tasty, chocolate frozen treats. A single bar contains 110 calories.

Fudge Bar Box
Photo Source: Blue Bell


In case you were wondering, hot fudge is more of a thick chocolate syrup rather than outright fudge.

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