Growing Vegetables in a 5-gallon Bucket

An easy to way to get into growing veggies!

Planting vegetables in a 5 gallon bucket is a great way for beginners to start growing their own vegetables. To get the scoop on this popular, portable gardening method, we met up with Zack Snipes, formerly a County Agent with the Horticulture Program at the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here’s how you can start growing your own food right at home:

Step 1:

Decide what you want to grow. Think about the climate in your area and what plants can thrive in the environment. Next, you want to decide how much you want to grow. You’ll need at least a 3-gallon bucket, but bigger is better!

Step 2:

Make sure the bucket has holes for drainage. If it doesn’t, use a drill or other tool to put a few holes around the bottom of the bucket. A 5-gallon bucket should have between six to ten holes. This is an important step. If you skip it, the soil will get too waterlogged.

Step 3:

Put a layer of sand or gravel in the bottom of the bucket. This is to add a filter layer so water can leave the bucket.

Step 4:

Fill the bucket with soil. There are several different kinds available at any home and garden store. Most of them usually have fertilizers and moisture inserts in them.

Step 5:

Put in the plants or the seeds. Be mindful of what you’re planting. For instance, if you have tomatoes, only put one plant in the bucket.

Step 6:

Consider your bucket location. You want to put it on a mulch system or a grass area. It needs to be somewhere the plants won’t get too hot during the summer.

Step 7:

Watering is the most important part to help your plant thrive. Since there is a small volume of soil, you need to water frequently and aim to keep the soil moist at all times. Once in the morning and once at night won’t be enough.

Here’s a list of vegetables that grow well in the South hat you could start in a 5 gallon vegetable bucket.

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