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Ghost Cake

This cake is LIT!!! Literally, we light this cake on fire.

Light up your Halloween party with a Ghost Cake.  It’s simple to make and can attract a lot of attention, especially when you announce you’re setting it aflame.


Your favorite cake mix and the ingredients it requires

Tub of white frosting

Small jar of maraschino cherries

2 sugar cubes

1 Tbsp. of lemon extract


Open and strain 1 small jar of maraschino cherries. Save the juice. Cut cherries in half. Set aside.

Prepare your favorite cake mix. Might we suggest a Devil’s Food or a White cake. Keep the egg shells for later. Pour cake batter into greased 9×13 pan. Add cherries to cake. Bake according to the directions. Rinse out the egg shells and remove loose bits.

While the cake is baking, pour cherry juice into shallow saucepan. Turn up heat until it starts to simmer. Simmer for about 12 minutes and then let it cool.

Remove cake from oven and cool completely.

Cut out 2 corners of the cake to create a rounded ghost “head.” The cut out pieces will become the arms. Cut out the inside corner of each arm to make it easier to slide under the cake.

Ice the cake with white icing. Turn the arms with one, thicker end pointing up. Slide under the cake and ice the arms.

Pour cherry syrup into a piping bag and use the syrup as decoration on the Ghost Cake. Make a mouth, draw stripes, etc.

Soak sugar cubes in lemon extract for a minute or less.

Place egg shells on cake to become the eyes. Drop a lemon sugar cube in each eye.

Light the eyes. Be careful!! Switch off the lights and turn on a black light if you have one. After a minute, you can extinguish the eyes by blowing them out.

Might we suggest making some Devil’s Food Double Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes to go along with the Ghost Cake?